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This project was developed for the brand "Chain", dedicated to offer design products to beautify every space in the home. In this opportunity, we designed the logo that captures the delicacy and good taste of the brand. We also designed the packaging for some exquisite candles that "Chian" offers among its products. Every detail, from the logo to the candle packaging, has been thought to add a touch of style and elegance to the home.

Branding, Packaging

Logo Chinita.png

The logo combines elegant typography with an iconic element: a house drawn in a simple line. This house symbolizes home, the heart of the brand, and its minimalist design represents simplicity and beauty in interior design.

Logo Chian2-04.png

The choice of colors was fundamental. Brown and beige were used to evoke warmth and purity, conveying a cozy feeling of home. In addition, a color variant was made for specific graphic pieces.

Mockup box.png
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