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In this project, a distinctive brand identity was developed: "chick&duck". In a collaborative way, both the name and the logo were forged. In addition, we deepened its integral identity, which was translated into a complete brand manual.

From the manual, this solid identity was translated into captivating advertising pieces, packaging was modeled and specially adapted templates were designed for chick&duck's social media platforms.

Branding, Packaging, Advertising, Social media


The creative process led to reflect the authenticity and genuine provenance of chick&duck foods. This search was materialized in the logo, where the illustrations intertwine in a fluid way with carefully selected typography, creating a harmonious triangular composition.


Additionally, an alternative variant of the logo was created and carefully conceived for its application in different specific graphic pieces. It is important to diversify these visual representations as it lies in their ability to integrate effectively in a wide range of situations and contexts.


Social media

Through social networks, the idea was to dive into the world of conscious eating and its role in everyday life, establishing a close connection with consumers in their daily lives. A careful selection of images was carried out, guided by the values that the brand sought to embody. Emphasizing the warmth and origin of the "chick&duck" products.

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chick&duck blanco-13.png
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