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Sip coffee

This project has been a journey of creativity and passion for coffee: the innovative "Sip coffee" machine. The logo captures the essence of coffee as a sensory experience of flavor, energy and unmistakable aroma. The identity manual was developed to generate a coherent and recognizable brand. Each element, from the color palette to the typography, was carefully chosen to convey the spirit of the machine and its wide range of coffees. The cup design, in addition to functionality, reflects the sobriety that the brand conveys. Finally, a pop-up store was created to invite coffee lovers to explore and enjoy "Sip coffee".

Branding, Packaging, Stand

sip logo.png

The logo was conceived to convey the sophistication and pleasure of coffee offered by "Sip coffee". For this purpose, the chosen isotype was a coffee bean, a universally recognized symbol. The bean was treated with meticulous attention, adjusting its shape to represent the "S" of Sip coffee.

sip logo.png

The color gold evokes luxury, elegance and warmth, three qualities that we want users to associate with the experience offered by the coffee machine. Gold, like the morning sun, is a visual reminder of those everyday moments that fill us with energy and comfort.

Medium cup.png

The cup is an essential part of the "Sip coffee" experience. The design is inspired by the elegance and simplicity that characterizes the brand. The comfortable grip and the structure of the cup are adapted to both aesthetics and practicality. The cup that contains not only coffee, but also the care and attention that goes into every detail to make every sip a delight for the senses.

Sip Cup

Render Máquina - Sip.png

In this rendering, we sought to create an environment that reflects the passion and delight of enjoying an exceptional coffee. Every detail of the furniture was thought out and modeled to create an immersive experience. From the choice of materials, which combine the warmth of wood with the elegance of technology, to the arrangement of the elements, every decision was guided by the intention of offering a welcoming and sophisticated environment.

Pop-up store

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