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"Mpanada" is the empanada brand that redefines the pleasure of eating with lots of flavor. In this exciting journey, the "Mpanada" logo was redesigned, capturing the freshness and authenticity of the delicious empanadas. From the redesign, a packaging was developed that goes beyond the functional; it is a visual introduction to the culinary experience. And to bring that experience to more mouths, advertising and social media pieces were designed to awaken appetite and curiosity.

Branding, Packaging, Social media, Advertising


The approach was to simplify the edges of the logo to achieve a sharper, more contemporary aesthetic. Every line and shape was thoroughly reviewed, eliminating any excess to achieve a fresher and cleaner image. In addition, the interlettering, i.e., the spacing between the letters in the logo, was optimized. By adjusting it, the legibility of the text has been improved, ensuring that each letter is presented clearly and easily readable, even at smaller sizes.





Caja de carton desde arriba.png

The packaging combines function and creativity. It details information on the flavors that "mpanada" offers, along with its distinctive slogan. In addition to social networks for the user to know the news and special offers.

Bolsita de papel  madera2.png
Instagram - Side.png
iPhone 12 - Front.png

In the social networks, we sought to create an attractive and informative experience on social networks. The images of the empanadas awaken the desire to try them, while the stories provide information about our branches and processes. Through the publications, followers are invited to connect with the passion behind "Mpanada" and be part of this visual and tasty experience.

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