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In the design project for "Tucson" restaurant, the logo was revitalized to capture the elegance and modernity of the brand. The advertising invites you to explore the flavors of the cocktails, while the beverage menu reflects the diversity and authenticity of the options available. This project celebrates the fusion of design and gastronomy in "Tucson", where every detail reflects the warmth and excellence of the culinary experience.

Branding, Advertising, Menu


During the logo redesign process, the focus was on modernization and simplification to provide elegance. The typography was modified without losing the Tex-Mex essence that characterizes "Tucson".

logo tucson.jpg

Drinks menu

In the design of the drinks and cocktails menu, the emphasis was on sophistication and elegance, capturing the essence of the night through the dark colors characteristic of the brand, such as bordeaux and black.

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