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Starting with the heart of the brand, the logo was redesigned to capture the authentic essence of fresh pasta, as well as its alternative version for gluten-free pasta. On social media, featured stories and posts were created that allow followers to explore the "Rochino" universe. Each element was designed to convey the authenticity and passion for pasta.

Branding, Social media

Rochino Logos-01.png

In the process of creating the logo, the essence of the brand was taken as a starting point. We opted for a classic typography that highlights the brand's identity, and also incorporated the iconic symbol of the rolling pin, evoking the essence of pasta and its tradition.

Rochino Logos-02.png

A variant of the "gluten-free" logo was also created, in line with the option that the brand proudly offers. This version is essential to highlight the products in this category and clearly communicate this alternative offered to the gluten-allergic public.

Featured stories

The icons for the featured stories were designed, maintaining the sophisticated aesthetics of "Rochino". A simple line style was chosen to facilitate their understanding and location, maintaining visual coherence in line with the brand.

iconos insta.png

Social media

On the social media side, featured stories were complemented with an engaging introduction in the Instagram bio. Each sentence was carefully chosen to catch the user's attention, including a direct link to the website. In addition, careful selection and editing of the images for the posts was carried out, ensuring that each publication reflects the quality and authentic flavor of "Rochino".

Rochino iconos-06.png
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