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In this creative journey, the identity of "ÑaÑa" came to life, capturing the youthful and playful essence that distinguishes its designs. The logo was designed to reflect the joy and vitality that the little protagonists radiate. By developing graphic pieces, a community was generated in social networks, a space for inspiration, games and children's clothing.

On the website, every click is an invitation to explore a world of charm and fashion. From the colors to the layout, every detail was thought out to offer you an engaging and immersive experience. An adventure towards fun and style for the little ones.

Branding, Social media, Website

The logo was conceived from the inspiration of paper cut-outs, evoking the practice of collage that characterized the school years. Collage, a technique that fosters imagination and creativity, was the source of this design concept.

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The integral design of the "ÑaÑa" website is an online space for the sale of products, as well as to showcase new collections.

This digital portal plays an essential role in facilitating interaction with the public. It is a versatile channel for communicating product features and highlighting promotions and discounts that increase sales. The website becomes a catalyst to transform visitors into satisfied customers, providing them with an attractive and accessible experience to explore, choose and purchase the charming designs of "ÑaÑa".

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