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Although my main focus is graphic design, I have had the opportunity to incorporate illustration in some of my projects. I find that this facet adds significant value and appeal to the work. Illustration has enriched my creations and allows me to convey ideas in a visually stunning way, expanding my creative possibilities. Although in the process of development, I am excited to continue exploring this creative dimension in my designs.

Logo, Editorial, Card game

T-Shirt Back Mockup.png

Picnic guy

I developed a unique illustration for the "Picnic Guy" brand, which became the iconic logo. This cartoonish illustration of a retro picnic basket evokes the excitement and joy of outdoor moments. The illustration conveys a nostalgic and authentic feel, capturing the essence of picnics and adding a fun and distinctive touch to the brand.

Children's story

It was a real pleasure to immerse myself in the world of illustration for a storybook. Each illustration became a window into the narrative, bringing an additional level of immersion into the story. The black and white texturing technique allowed me to create a captivating contrast that brought out the details and emotions. Each texture was worked to convey the atmosphere of the story, adding depth to the images.


Valentine's Day

Creating illustrations for Valentine's Day cards in the form of poker cards, using the analogy of the king and queen, was an exciting challenge. These images captured the essence of love and romantic connection, transforming traditional symbols into an expression of the royalty of the heart. The carefully delineated details and soft tones conveyed tenderness, offering a unique and poetic way to express feelings on this special date.

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